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John Mets
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ok thing with Rogue macros, is due to the resource mechanics for the class you cant get a perfect finisher ratio unless you apply them manually. Sub and Out rogues have so many ways to proc free random combo points all I can do is work out an average time to fire and hope for the best, this will also mean results will vary from player to player as all-out characters are different, Assassination does not suffer as much with this and is easier to calculate but again it has to be tailored to each rouge to be optimal, and No im not going to tailor the macro to every rogue, thats something you may have to do

best advise i can give is to sim your character using simcraft. look and the logs and look for something call sample rotation in the dropdowns this will show how many builders to spenders and should give you an idea of how many were fired before the finisher. then you can edit my macro and adjust the /cast sequence to suit.
its very time consuming but the more effort you put in the more you get out i suppose.