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Austin Smith
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I am guessing you are trying the Primal build? I did try it for a while and couldn’t get it to work very well with lazy macro. I could have spent more time on it to get it close. I sim better with the earthen build (21k dps) than with the Primal build (19k dps). My macros for Primal on the test dummy unbuffed were only around 14k…Where my Primal macro is around 17k unbuffed. I even have the right gear for both (could always be better). Right now I am 90-100% on my gear ilvl on parses. I will update here what I use now. Still the three button with CL on AoE. What azerite gear you use will constantly be changing. The latest patch yesterday changed things up a tiny bit. My spec and build is meant for 1-2 targets (2 being best).

Current spec is 1121232.