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I shouldn’t have to tell you this if your rolling outlaw with Roll the Bones but:

So our goal is to max out dps (as best as possible for these macros right?)


1) – Change the [mod:shift] Feint to Roll the Bones and take out the Roll the Bones in the macro itself and use it yourself (always keeping 2 or more buffs / or the the single crit one if ya get it). Doing this will take out the ‘auto’ Roll the Bones and make it more ‘manual’ – Feint is not really ‘necessary’ if you dont PvP

2) – Copy the entire macro (rename it Outlaw_Keeping_them_bones or wahtever) and switch out Roll the Bones and sub in Dispatch. What this does is when your going through your macro and the good buffs you want to keep pop up then you ‘switch’ to this macro until the buffs expire.

Doing either of those (in keeping the optimal) roll the bones buffs will DRAMATICALLY increase your DPS. Depending on your play style option 1 or 2 will work.

Option 1 will give you more ‘control’ over when and where you want to Roll the Bones but option 2 will obviously be the easier one to handle.

Personally i’ve been using option 2.

Proof is in the pudding I say. Anyone can post vids of them hitting training dummies ….

Notice how on every trash pull i’m usually #1 dps .. which I think is what you’re going for in the mythics .. (still kinda new to mythics so them’s not my bread and butter)