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When i tried to import this macro it does not work, the talents aren’t the ones wirtten above, must i change them? Even changinf them it does not have a sequence working i think.
Im a noobie in this macro’s thingie 😀
but the aequence that shows up is this
/cast [mod,noform:1] Bear Form
/castsequence [nomod,exists] reset=4 Sunfire, Cat Form, null
/castsequence [nomod,exists] reset=target/4 Rake, null
/castsequence [nomod,noform:2] reset=1.5 Cat Form, null
/castsequence [nomod,exists] reset=4 Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, Rip, Moonfire, Sunfire, Cat Form, Rake,
I have changed the talents to 3123231, because as default was different ones.
All help is appreciated. Thanks