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John Mets
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Another revision to this macro for a performance increase.
so what’s changed,
So through testing and sims and comparing logs of both. I noticed that the previous version
was festering strike too often and Scourge striking not enough, as well as the Outbreak was firing twice
as often as needed.

eg in a 5min window on the training dummy, old would FS=40 / SS=50 and new FF=20 / SS=90+
this resulted in a DPS increase.

Combined with the other changed to ability cast rates like Outbreak. it now mirrors the cast numbers the Sim to a rate of +/- of 2 casts on average.

So with each ability cast as often as the sim, it comes down to 2 things that make it falls short to matching sim DPS numbers (by the way using this macro I was only 500-1000 damage under sim)

first is RNG via runic corruption procs etc no one can control this but you could do same sample tests as the sim and it won’t make a difference at that point but would take months of your time 😛

The second is When the sim uses some abilities. for example with my DK the Sim holds off using Unholy frenzy, and MY R_A_G_E trinket. and fire them just before each apocalypse for a greater dps boost.
this is something I am experimenting with and yes when I mirror this also I get close and even par the sim. but this is very character specific and relies on me paying attention as stuffing it up
can ruin dps results, so not worth at this point adding to a macro to share.

Im removing the opener for now. partly because my current build no longer needs it as i can get 4+ stack faster without it now and for some the sequence was having issues with apoc not working.

Note on the talents, the one I have chosen are what I would advise taking for this I won’t stop you choosing others. but after testing and sim comparisons for example taking all will serve sims an increase of 46!! that 46 more damage lol not even a whole % average increase. it is set up for ST fights but can change to suit AoE etc. my point being don’t ask me to make it for a specific talent setup because Icey veins say so. because I am aware of talents and tested them and only found ~100 damage variance at the end so I chose talents for macro performance ease which nets better DPS at the end of the day.

finally this is set to run as 50mm speed if you run slower or faster the loop value may need to change to suit.

Talents 1233312

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro:

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:

KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.