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Just finished using this through an 18 carry. I only have a few complaints, which is fundamentally the entire structure of the macro, so I don’t recommend using my complaints as groundwork to make changes as the majority of the people going to use this will not use it on the same level of content that I play on and therefore the macro in it’s current state will serve them better.
For starters, I almost always look through the sequence first and I didn’t this time for whatever reason, so I was irritated at myself for not taking Avatar out of the sequence earlier (shouldn’t be in the main sequence ever).
Having Ignore Pain up all of the time is great, but it felt extremely fury deprived. The tricky thing about making a macro that can maintain 100% uptime on Ignore Pain is that you’re going to be starved and in some instances, lack significant DPS where you would otherwise have it playing manually. This was the case on every boss fight. DPS was severely lower than it should have been on every boss encounter.
Moving on…
It’s nice to have Demoralizing Shout being used off CD, but it can cause serious issues if you’re someone like me that only runs high keys. Having it pop right before a reaping wave, and then not having it again until the end of the wave, and not for the next pull is not manageable whatsoever and you’re most likely going to get nuked on close-quarter dungeons such as TD or WCM.
Lastly, the DPS gain in larger pulls using Revenge is too beneficial to not have it in the sequence at least once, and then manually controlling it as it procs. Personally, I’d add it once and then allow the user to control the procs as necessary, but as long as it’s firing once per the recommended MS, it’s going to substantially change the DPS outcome.
Overall, it’s a good macro and well-thought. However, I prefer more basic macros that do less which I can control easier. For anyone that plays casually and runs low level keys such as 2-12’s OR heroic raids, this macro will serve them very well.

Abby thank you very much for the feed back i myself have never stepped in anything higher than a 15 on my warrior. So the input i get from higher key players does a major roll in how i build things. Tonight im going to take your suggestion and run with it and a 2nd tab to the original and build one as you suggested taking Avatar out of sequence and also im thinking of removing IP in general for it and make it a manuel cast to do away with wasting rage on unneeded IP. Also find a smooth spot to add a revenge in the cast sequence but still leave the mod in place. It will strictly be for higher than a 14 key time i’m done with it. But anything lower than a 14 my original will work find for others.