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Interesting discussion Abby and tully, Abby what would you include or exclude in such a macro i know there are quit a few intrested in a “higher” lvl of gameplay macros. and as always keep up the great work.

It’s hard to say. It’s really at the discretion of the person using the macro, tbh.

The thing about prot warriors now is that they’re extremely overpowered and just as easy to play. There is massive margin for error but at the same time, you can easily screw things up. If you want to push high keys, you’re going to have to control some of the larger CD’s… you’re just not going to be able to play competitive in a higher IO bracket without doing so.

With that being said, tulley’s macro is great for people looking to push anything from 2-10 keys. Honestly, you could probably even get away with a 15 if you don’t time it OR if you have an incredible healer… but anything over that is unlikely to happen. His macro serves the majority of the community, which is good. Most people aren’t pushing high keys, they’re more of a casual player, and that’s why although I told him my input, I also said I didn’t recommend him change much.


As for a macro for high keys, you’d want something that does the bare minimum. So, something that casts a simple rotation such as, Thunder Clap, Shield Slam, Impending Victory, and Revenge; you can place some other necessary spells on modifiers such as Ignore Pain, Spell Reflection, Demoralizing Shout or Avatar. That way you’re able to perform the basic rotation but completely control your CD’s when needed. This isn’t ideal for most people as they either have physical limitations which prevent them from doing so, or perhaps they simply get overwhelmed. I know many get overwhelmed with modifiers, so asking them to control several CD’s is just not going to work.