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In the sequence configuration, under tab 3. It has concussion shot added. How do I use this sequence? I am using AHK and it never fires concussion.

Hi guy.

1, 2 or 3 is all about situation.
You can see it in the first tab: 3 will be used only in arena.
You want it for pvp too? Problem with that is that i play with war mode on, so i’m in pvp 100% of time. So if you are in warmode, mode 3 will be used, and not mode 1 (the default one).

Dungeon, raid, mythic, heroic and timewalking all have the mode 2.

If you want concussive shot in other condition (raid? pve?) just change 1/2/3 in configuration’s tab or copy paste the line with the skill. If it’s a problem for you, i’ll send you the modified macro, just tell me when you want it to be used.

I hope it’s clear, if it doesn’t just ask.

About Hati, i dont have him, but i’m pretty sure he doesn’t have the same pet’s skill.
He probably have common wolf skill.

So you can still use him, the macro will works, but you’ll not get heal and purge.

Have a nice day, and thanks all for your feedbacks!