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Complete macro redesign.


First, there is a known issue where if you castsequence an ability that is dynamic, as in it changes spell name and function over the course of combat (like Chaos Strike turning into Annihilation temporarily) when the spell returns to baseline the macro won’t know to follow it. This isn’t a bug with GSE, it’s a “feature” of Blizz’s protected combat API. So I removed almost all of them. The ones left behind are now using this breakage as a feature, giving you tons more Annihilations when in Meta/Demonic form than when not, lowering your starvation rate and powering through your burst windows.

I’m actually a bit giddy about that, it works really well.

Second, it lowers the spam rate needed to run the macro, bringing it more in line with other classes and freeing up your local buffer by quite a bit. Now, instead of running this at 20ms or some other insane rate, you can run it at 50 or slower. I tuned it at 50, though, so start there if you can.

Since redesigning this macro I have ran it through several Mythic 14s and have come in right at sims for each of the parses for both ST boss damage and overall dungeon.