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Tuning update, so new macro.

I am now reliably able to get within 98-100% of sims on the training dummy. It all boils down to how you manage your Fury.

Basically, follow these steps:
1: Pop Immolation Aura
2: Meta into melee range
3: Run macro (again, now tuned to 50ms)
4: If Fury > 25%, leave all Lesser Soul Fragments alone
5: When Immolation Aura ends, if Fury > 50% leave all LSFs alone
6: Try to eat no more than 2 LSFs at a time
7: Repeat above logic when the macro makes Immolation Aura fire again

Following the above, at 409 item level, I am able to end 4 minutes of DPS at around 18k to 19k. I sim at 19k. Give or take a bit for deviation, this is the closest I’ve seen any DH macro get.