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I justed tanked LFR with my 371 Warrior and it worked like a charm, but you are saying Revenge is not part of the sequence, but it is? I mean it worked well, so it is okay I guess. Also, the STRG Modifier for Revenge is not working for me, but this could be an error on my side but for that matter I made sure that STRG is not used anywhere so the modifier is free to use.
Thanks for the Macro, it is great fun! Also tanked a +4 with it, no problems. I think I can go higher, but need to push my score first.

Good to hear that your liking it. On the revenge part make sure you are using the right vers in the tab vers 1 is for general world stuff and without opening it up in game i believe that one has revenge in the sequence but the vers 2 has it only on a mod key.