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Hey, thanks for answering. I read about the 100ms and tried out different settings but for me it does not make much of a difference.

Thank you very much on testing this. Talking about the button press speed is a bit controversial, since that a human can’t press them as fast as these scripts does, so my testings are done mainly by observation. If you keep attention to the button used to activate this macro, you’ll see if the abilities are going smoothly or if some are being skipped by the fast pressing. So the advice here is to pay attention on that and configure your AHK script according. In my testings, I’ve found that 100ms is the speed that it doesn’t skip the abilities or at least skip less than other speeds used. Just for info., my latency is always between 170-200ms (Brazil).
That being said, one more thing: these macros are intended to be as close as possible to player iterations, but it’s not possible to be perfect as raidbot or simulationcraft simulations says. That’s why it’s certain you’ll never do the same amount of damage as if you were doing it normally with no macros.