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Don’t want to be that guy Durpollo3, but when you share a macro, try to give it for as many people as possible.
You just have to change your skill in italian by the ID, and then everybody could get it in their language withtout having to do any change.

My client is in Brazilian Portuguese and I am a macro creator and contributor too. The observation I made here is that when you do have an ability that it’s not activated (by a talent, i.e.) it’s not translated to the ability ID and goes as your client language. This happens when you try to make a macro that can be used by people who choose other talents than the intended ones by the macro creator, so we include some other unused talent abilities in the macro. The only solution I’ve found to bypass this is to plan the macro, leave the game, change the non used abilities for their IDs in the GSE.lua file in the SavedVariables folder, go back online and export it immediately without changing anything to it.
I do that in all the macros I release to the public, but it’s controversial blaming the contributor for not doing it, since he is the person contributing to the community with his macro. So, before complaining, why don’t YOU go to and translate it for yourself or try compiling your own macro, spending your time on refining it to your tastes? That’s my two cents about this. Sorry if I’m being rude or something, but sometimes people can’t see that we, macro contributors, we spend a lot of time making them and sharing to the public.