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Hey EnixLHQ, I love your work and it is awesome work at that. I do get some errors with EX_DISCDPS_UNIV_BFA. I’ve posted the messages im getting without the long ass stack text, although I can if you need more info. Again its only with the dps version of the macro unedited. the heal and aoe heal do not cause me errors. Just curious to your insight on what I can fix to get it to stop aside from doing /console scriptErrors 0 and hitting ignore when it tells me an addon is causing a multitude of errors. Thank you for your time. Prevent sound, ui, and clear errors are ticked in GSE also.

[string “UIError”]:1: ‘=’ expected near ‘<eof>’

[string “UIErrorsFrame:Clear”]:1: function arguments expected near ‘<eof>’

[string “UIErrorsFrame:”]:1: ‘<name>’ expected near ‘<eof>’

[string “UIErrorsFrame:Hide(“]:1: unexpected symbol near ‘<eof>’

[string “SetCVar(“So”]:1: unfinished string near ‘<eof>’

Ok, I think I figured it out. the issue is GSE. First, I ensured the latest version available from curse forge was installed. It was but did it again anyway (errors still). Second, I deactivated all addons except GSE (errors still). Third, I unticked Prevent Sound Errors, Prevent UI Errors, and Clear Errors. Then I tried each one individually. No errors received with Clear Errors, nor with Prevent UI Errors but when Prevent Sound Errors was ticked, errors occurred instantly on use of macro. I then tried all other macros with said test runs to ensure that it was not just the macro I mentioned above and results were all the same. So with that said I did some google searching and found that its a result of a code string that is unfinished or conflicting with itself. Is there a way to bring this to Timmothy’s attention?
Again thank you for your work and your time.

/console scriptErrors 1 to display LUA errors
/console scriptErrors 0 to hide LUA errors

if you wish to check it out.