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  • Cymiryc
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    This is what i am currently using for Brewmaster. While this is a long macro it’s not used manually. You can if you want but using AHK/Synapse can/will do the same thing but it wont be a quick spamming one.

    Currently i have Synapse set to 0.920 and 0.075
    This will heal and purify you.

    0.075 Delay
    0.920 Delay

    This also has a Mythic/Dungeon set attached to it. It’s the [2] option.

    Chris King
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    ty for get this out so fast ill test it out

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    It’s been working out great for me. Been using it all day. Was a little bumpy at the start until i felt more comfortable with it but once i found the right set of timings it worked out really well.

    I may change it out a little though as i swapped over to High Tolerance instead of Black Out Combo so i can start running more dungeons.

    Gravity FromHell
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    I see Zen meditation and Breath of Fire (line 64, 65).
    With AHK it wil waste Zen meditation. How it suposed to work?

    Stefan Von Dollen
    Senior Sergeant
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    Was curious as to what you would set AHK to for this? Knowing of course that it might vary based on latency, etc. Thanks in advance!

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    Tank cooldowns are around 1s however some skills are still on 1500 gcd…

    I tend to use the above between 1.300 and 1.500 for the GCD

    Julian Peck
    First Sergeant
    Emeebia <Deáth Dealers> of Magtheridon -EU Level 110 Undead Hunter

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    Just wondering is this macro still working post 7.2?

    Larry Dumas
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    whats your script for AHK

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    This is what i am using for AHK when i do actually use it. I have switched mainly to my Logitech mouse now for my macro button needs.

    It’s probably more complicated than it needs to be but AHK is not flawless and certainly not in favour for casters and moving so i altered a lot of what others would normally use and removed the Sleep as a delay mechanism and it works better for me:

    #IfWinActive, World of Warcraft
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
    CoordMode, Mouse, Window
    SendMode Input
    #SingleInstance Force
    #UseHook, On
    SetTitleMatchMode 2
    DetectHiddenWindows On
    SetControlDelay 1
    SetWinDelay 0
    SetKeyDelay -1
    SetMouseDelay -1
    SetBatchLines -1
    SetKeyDelay, 1420
    #MaxHotkeysPerInterval 10000
    Sleep -1
    While GetKeyState(“numpad1″,”P”){
    ControlSend, , =,A
    #ifWinActive World of Warcraft
    While GetKeyState(“numpad2″,”P”){
    ControlSend, , -,A

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    love your macros was curious if this is still viable in 2.5?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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