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  • Kartal DURAN
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    Hi, everybody

    In accordance with the information I have learned for the game, I have prepared 2 types of macro that can be used in the field dominance and single positions.

    I hope it is useful for you and you like it ( I use the information I share with you) )

    I’d be happy to receive feedback from you guys. I’m ready and open to criticism….. 🙂



    # AOE TARGET #


    Christian Schröder
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    How fast do u use it?

    Kartal DURAN
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    Testing between 50-60ms for training dummy (depending on your latency, etc.)

    I’m using punch key set at 70 ms
    (* I’m using, Turkey internet infrastructure ping min: 5ms – 17ms / down: 50Mbps – up: 7Mbps )

    My Character – WoW Armory

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    works like a dream thank you

    Aldorn Rogue
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    Thank you for the macro, works great! Just have an issue with the macro saying “This Sequence is read only and unable to be edited”. All i was trying to do was add slow to it. Any ideas as to why it would say that?

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    because he disabled editor when he exported it to share, which is kinda stupid and renders this pretty unusable or tweakable, which then feedback on making it better can only go through him unless you want to remake it, which is just more work, find others and tweak to your liking would be my suggestion.

    Deano W
    First Sergeant
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    yeah.. this macro cannot be modified or saved and the icon will not accept change from book to icon due to , i believe , the fact you have disabled the editor. It wont even import for me. looks like a good macro otherwise..

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    @Kartal Yes, please do not make read only. Besides, it is easy to make the macro editable by editing the gse.lua file so you are not really locking it down.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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