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  • dayne dye
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    Hi I feel that most of these are outdated could some one please maybe put together a good raiding macro? For heroic antorus. I was thinking maybe one for popping trinkets and cooldowns and then another one for cp generating. Or one that has great burst and sustain. My ilvl on my rogue is 956 and. Feel like I should be maintaining more than 1.3m dps I burst to about 2m but I just don’t feel like it’s doing that well any help would be appreciated .

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    Why would you feel that macros are maybe outdated?

    Fair to say some may need a little tweaking but i don’t get why if you think they are wrong why don’t you try fixing it, if you know how the rotation should work it’s just a case of moving 1 skill at a time or moving them back to where they work well for you.

    As you increase in gear and power levels they may need a little tweaking go get back into sync again

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    I moved my gear around to try and get the same item level as you. Normally I sit at 977 but I tried to get around 956… either way, the sim at 960 is roughly 1.45m so if you’re maintaining 1.3m you’re doing exactly the amount you should be doing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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