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    Sorry I have been gone. Both myself and my wife had surgery in the past few weeks, so I haven’t been tremendously active. Anyways, on to the macro…

    After extensive testing, I determined that my new talent spec would be 3113113. You might question my choice of Aspect of the Beast (AOTB), but other than some PURE single target fights, I find that my damage is comparable or even better using AOTB. You can easily switch to Killer Cobra (KC) as desired, but in my testing the damage was very comparable.

    It should be noted that AOTB works best if your pet is Ferocity, so if you have the ring and using Tenacity for your pet, either switch to Ferocity or use KC or Stampede as desired. Either way, my goal isn’t to argue which is better, just that AOTB has become my preferred talent choice.

    The only other exception is switching to Volley for Skopyron fight.

    With regard to the macro, as with my previous macro that seemed to be popular, my goal is ease of use and greater ability to have “Situational Awareness” for raiding.

    Using the Macro:

    1: Spam the macro
    2: Hold down Shift to include Cobra Shot in the rotation
    3: Hold down Control to include Multi-Shot in the rotation (NOTE: AMOC and KC are blocked while holding CTRL)
    4: Press ALT to use Exhilaration and/or Counter Shot (both get used)
    5: Hold down Shift or CTRL to prevent AOTW, BF(Orc), and Titan’s Fury from being cast
    I will hold Shift or CTRL when Titan’s Fury cool-down is about over and release Shift to cast it immediately after Dire Beast is cast. Note that this will include Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot in the rotation, which I find an acceptable compromise.
    6: Use Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot manually as desired.

    Finally, feel free to change the MOD conditionals to suit your tastes. Since there are only 3 options, I made some compromises since I don’t have enough to use all different options separately.


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    • This topic was modified 6 days ago by avatar Gween. Reason: Updated Macro
    Post count: 37

    I made several improvements to the Macro:

    1 – Added functionality to prevent casting of cool-downs (Blood Fury, Titan’s Fury and Aspect of the Wild) when EITHER CTRL or SHIFT are pressed. This was done to provide the ability to more optimally use the cool-downs particularly to allow me to use Titan’s Fury in conjunction with Dire Beast more effectively.

    2 – Moved the line for Cobra Shot and Multi-Shot to the bottom. This allows for other abilities to retain priority when using Cobra Shot. Since KC and AMOC are blocked when holding CTRL for Multi-Shot, there is no penalty for it being at the bottom.

    3 – Added [nomod:ctrl] conditional to Kill Command and A Murder of Crows to prevent them from casting when holding CTRL since they are less optimal for AOE situations. Releasing CTRL allows these abilities to be cast again if desired.

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