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    351 ilvl with no enchants and just Battle Shout, getting about 6.7k-7k sustained dps on Dummy with 10k burst. Using Synapse at 58ms.

    The right speed will be greatly influenced by how much haste you have. I know as I pushed through the 340s to 350’s my haste dropped dramatically to around 12%, then started to get better with heroic gear from Uldir, which is now around 19% at ilvl 360.

    Interestingly enough acccording to wowanalyzer & my last Uldir run, it still thinks i am missing far too many Rampage casts, so I am still playing around with rotation myself to see if it can improve.

    For example.. my last G’huun kill… 11.5K dps, 89% Parse rating, missed 27 rampage casts. Not sure if this is because time off boss due to nature of fight, however other bosses do report similar ratings.

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    Hey everyone!

    Apologies for not being more active lately, life has been busy!
    I’ve been back into Fury lately and now that I’m geared around 355ish I was also seeing Rampage not triggering as well as it should be. I went through today and made adjustments!
    The OP has been updated with new AOE & ST macros. I was able to get Rampage firing ALOT better now, the trick was putting Recklessness on a mod (its on shift now). So to really push your DPS to its simable max you’ll have to get accustomed to triggering Recklessness and dropping Siegebreaker accordingly. Overall having control of when to fire these two abilities can really help fine tune your DPS output.
    Hope this is as noticeable of an improvement for you guys at it was for me!

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    hi any chance making healing macro like for pvp

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    Hi everyone, first post 🙂
    First off, I’d like to thank glennwith2ns for his amazing work!
    I have compared various different Fury macros and yours gives the best results in terms of DPS and robustness.

    Now for the true reason of this post: I personally am a pretty paranoid person I guess, thus I always was spooked by the possibility of Blizzard acting on their “one click – one action” policy regarding auto-fire macros. That’s why I use my Logitech G502 in freewheel mode in order to spam the GSE macros. The problem with this method is that when you want to use an ability outside of the GSE macro you have to manually stop the wheel from spinning, which is somewhat difficult because of the low friction, especially in hectic PVP situations.

    So I took your amazing macro and modified slightly to fit my freewheel situation. MWHEELUP is bound to your ST variant and MWHEELDOWN is bound to a variation which has three different abilities for the three modifiers (namely Shift: Pummel, CTRL: Piercing Howl, ALT: Intimidating Shout). This means I can cast all important abilities I need for PVP during the DMG-rotation by just changing the direction the wheel is spinning and applying the corresponding modifier.

    Maybe someone out there with the same fetish for high rpm mouse wheel action and love for pvp is able to get something useful out of this setup 🙂

    Thanks again for your great work, keep it up!

    Hüssen Tarfa
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Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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