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  • Markymarcus
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    Shout Outs go to the following peeps for the macros that they have built which allowed me to learn from and build one of my own to cater to my spec and gear: Gween (Hope all is well with you sir) and Pharmacist1.

    Build objectives:
    1- Sustainability (stay above 1.5m dps for 5min on Raider’s Training Dummy) (My Sim is 1.7m)
    2- Focus Starvation (without having to use Dire stable and lose 10% damage for Cobra Shot)
    3- Built around Roar of the Seven Lions (Bestial Wrath reduces the Focus cost of all your abilities by 15%) and Call of the Wild (Reduces the cooldown of all Aspects by 35%)
    4- Maintain Kill Command up at all times to reduce cooldown of Aspect of the Wild by 3sec (Tier21 Set Bonus)
    5- Maintain Dire Frenzy up at all times to reduce cooldown of Bestial Wrath by 12sec
    6- Have Cobra Shot and Kill Command deal out close to equal damage (Cobra Shot does do more damage than Kill Command)

    My BM Huntard is currently ILvl- 959/963, with Titanstrike at 991, 4pc Teir 21 set (low item Lvl on 2 of them), Trinkets are Prototype Personnel Decimator and Terminus Signaling Beacon.
    AGI- 43k, C- 30.95, M- 80.48, H- 25.92, V- 9.83, A- 10.25

    AHK set at 60ms

    Disclaimer: This build was built specifically for my gear. I’ve actually have spent several months exploring other builds in order to learn how to come up with this build. I really hope that others can use this and have great success with it but I apologize in advance if this doesn’t work for you, I am by far not an expert at this. I welcome any and all constructive criticism that could maybe improve this build (I really wanted to get this to my Sim Dps but I was not successful on that part).

    Jay Jay Dolan
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    Hi Markymarcus,

    nice macro by the way, I am surprised you have not had any comments so far.
    I have iLvL 967 with Parcels and Belt, 4p21, Golganeth’s Vitality 1000 & Prototype Decimator 955. I like your macro as it does not become so focus starved, but your choice of level 60 talent is a dps loss for me. I use Bestial Fury I find it does give me quite a lot of extra dps. My stats; Crit 26% Haste 31% with haste food, Mastery 87%. I find it very important to try for 31% haste then things happen more fluently.
    I get 1.9M dps over 300M damage and 1.85M dps over 400M damage on test dummy using your 60ms delay.

    Try Bestial Fury it may also work for you.

    Good work,


    Cabronsote <The Drunken Elk> of Zul'jin -US Level 110 Tauren Hunter

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    I just got back from time off…let me run this and give you feedback…looks promising, but right of the back why not using Feet and Ring combo so you can have Bestial Fury and additional one (if you have them) just my 2 cents…will use my leggo’s to see how it performs.


    Nigel Webb
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    great macro mate nice work too

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