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    I need to be 100% clear on bots. In no way shape or form do we endorse, recommend or encourage any activity that is in any way related to botting or unattended play of WoW. Those actions are against WOW’s terms of service and we will not promote any activity that is contravenes these limitations.

    GSE is a mod to WoW. It only uses WoW’s API (Application Programming Interface – the functions Blizzard says Mods can programatically) and has no out of game elements. It requires a hardware action for each action it takes and can only perform one GCD (Global Cool Down) action per hardware event. It can look at events like procs and buffs but it cannot directly act on those. People ask us from time to time for “perfect rotation” macros GSE cant do that. GSE excels in taking some of the kludge work out but to get a perfect rotation you, the player, the human behind the keyboard and mouse, will still need to make some decisions on when to use a special ability to perfectly min/max the situation. You can be lazy and script these abilities into your macro and still be useful but you may miss special phases in a fight (eg Evocation time for Curator). These key differences are what makes GSE different to a bot: it uses no third party elements, it cant make decisions and it can only perform one action per hardware event.

    What happens next is the grey line. Hardware manufacturers like Razer and Logitech include tools with their keyboards to be able to program the keyboard to a certain extent. These can be configured that when you hold down a key it will send multiple hardware events to WoW. Software applications like AutoHotKey, PunchKey, Keyboard Maestro and some home grown Java code available on these forums can also perform the same behaviours. What we know is that when these tools are used to remove the RSI (Repetative Strain Injury) inducing behaviours of spamming the same keyboard button over and over. No one has been banned for using these tools in this behaviour.

    Some of these tools however have the ability to do more than cause a button to repeat over and over. Some of them can detect pixels at locations and then perform decisions. You as an individual may choose to use these functions but know that by doing so you are in violation of WoW’s ToS and do so at your own risk. We as a community will not tolerate any posts or discussions on macros written in third party tools like those mentioned above “to give the perfect rotation” as it moves us from the grey line over it onto the wrong side of WoW ToS. If tools like the ones above are abused and then enforced it makes the game less enjoyable for a lot of people for a minimal advantage.

    Speaking now solely for myself as the author of GSE, I have spent a lot of time trying to find where the boundaries are. I have probed to see if there were ways around then within the confines of what is available to be used in game. If you use another mod and it has a way around those constraints I will endeavor to incorporate those abilities into GSE. However I can only do this if that mod is also playing by the rules. It would be awesome to be able to write proc based macros and have the perfect rotation. In my case I could spend more time worrying about fight mechanics.

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    Well said, and exactly where I saw the line drawn.

    Was this prompted by some other incident that’s happened (related to BfA development or otherwise)?

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    It was not caused by any incident but more needed to clear things up.

    A lot of questions that pop up is: Can i use a skill when i have x amount of resources. Can i do this when a buff pops up. Can i use Pryroblast on proc.

    They may then look for alternatives to be used for these and this is what we don’t condone on either forums or in discord.

    Many will then have the misconception that AHK will play the game for them… it can be made this way if scripted but we only look at it’s simplest form of being another way to press the button by pushing the key.
    As mentioned above, while no one has been banned for this, Blizzard have the right to change their stance and take action. More so is any of the above is abused.

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    Well said, if we stand on the right side of the grey line we can enjoy our favorite game for longer than crossing it and be banned. Btw good job Timothylukes for your addon and cymiryc for your macros, I appreciate them a lot !!!!

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    Well said TL. The other problem with people crossing that line is that Blizzard will retaliate and make that grey area not so grey if they continue to see a pattern of folks abusing the system.

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    When we used to put the “0” in the marcos. (Back in Mists I think it was?) That could had given us the perfect rotation.

    People want that “1 button that does it all” type of macro. That just does not happen anymore. Yeah sure, You can put CTRL or ALT or whatever you want in the macro so you can sorta hit your procs and such that way. Which does work and it is totally fine. But you just can’t make a macro that way anymore. (1 Button mash it until your your fingers bleed.)

    I play AFF on my Lock right now on live, Which does have a sorta 1 button mash rotation. But I also have SOC- (Seed Of Corruption) on button 2. And I have Drain Life for a “Oh crap, I am gonna die” reaction on button 3.

    On BFA-beta right now, On Demo I have Demonbolt on button 2 so when it procs off, I can mash it. :p

    I also have Implosion on button 3 (For AOE when all my imps are out.)

    People always get crap for using macros. The argument is always over, You are just only cheating yourself of not learning your class and just do your rotation as you are supposed to do and you lose DPS also. Yeah, There is some merit to that argument. But I am 48 years old. Some fights are quite difficult these days when it comes to raiding. (I am a Heroic Raider.) But if I focused so much on my rotation? Then I start messing up with mechanics to a given fight. For me as I am a BC baby(Burning Crusade) it’s better to do the mechanics correctly rather than worrying too much over your DPS. lol

    My point is, Is I am usually within our raids either 1, 2 or sometimes 3 (We usually have 12-15 people in our raids.) in overall DPS anyway? So using a macro has always been just fine in my case.

    I been using this site since Cata I believe. I can’t even imagine now playing without a macro. It just makes you a better player IMHO. Keep up the good work Cym! You make some awesome macro’s brah! 🙂

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    Well stated, my sole purpose to use this has been to avoid RSI altogether, I am grateful I am able to play competitively (although never to the level of true masters) without cramping up my hands.

    So I really hope no one starts crossing the line that renders this obsolete, it would definitely force me to abandon WoW due to RSI issues.


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    Well said, as someone who is not getting younger and starting to suffer from Arthritis I find GSE invaluable in helping me to continue playing and appreciate how much some people put into making macro’s etc, something I am not good at.

    Lashley Lash
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    Auto rotation was all I ever needed anyway, thanks

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    I have helped a lot of players with bad hand condition and some who only have one hand to play with. macros have helped them enjoy the game again without struggling across there keys. they may not be top but a least there enjoying them self’s thanks to macros again. Its never been about automated game play and quite frankly having your computer do everything is boring and pointless playing.

    Respect to everyone who put time in to the macros and the addon

    – BigShan

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