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    This is my current take on Elemental using Icefury and Elemental Blast until i can work out a short macro that works and doesn’t cast too many frost shocks because i am spamming so fast.

    This is a slower one and it can be used with AHK at 1100 or synapse at 1.100

    This is not a constant hold the button down but you can use it like that, in a way, you will skip spells if you do resulting in a little DPS loss.

    For now the best rule of thumb is if it has a cast time, release until the cast is finished then continue again

    Cast and wait for:
    Elemental Blast
    Lava Burst not on proc
    Lightning Bolts

    Can hold down for:
    Flame Shock
    Frost Shock
    Lava Burst on procs
    Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightning on Stormkeeper

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    can it just be edited to have [nochanneling] in front of the spells or would that causes to much of a skip in other spells

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    with earthen rage in my talent tree, i pull about 275 dps with your macro. If i pick path of flame, im standing at around 300-310. *on a dummy*

    in mythic i remove it cause it was no good…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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