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    This is a Modified Version of Havok Reborn
    Modified by Qatz.
    Than Tweaked by me.

    I’m new to macros, but Ive been testing on dummies for the past few hours tweaking spell locations in the macro and things of that sort.

    The modifications to Havok Reborns Macro:
    It will cast metamorphosis on player, whenever available.
    It will Cast Blur at the start of everyfight, and recast it whenever it is up.

    The tweaks I made dont seem to cause any DPS loss, infact It gained about 1k DPS.

    I’m posting so many people can use and test it against other macros and help me make it better, or help others make theirs better whatever.

    Talents 1311211

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    very nice macro and an increase dps for me over the other Havok reborn. What MS are you running at for this one?

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    very nice macro works wonderfully jus curious why no fell barrage also what talents do you run for max dps output?

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    Talents 1311211

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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