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    *****Edit 06/06/18******
    This will likely be my last post in this thread. The macro as it stands right now needs alot of re-tooling and there’s no point with BFA on the horizon. I will make a new macro for BFA and begin a thread for that but for now The Scratch and Claw macro by: Spinnaker performs much better (I’ll provide a link below). For the super lazy ones out there I have taken his Scratch macro and included a castsequence for Rip and Ferocious Bite. It’s not perfect as there is no way to know when it has max combo points to spend but its close and works for routine stuff, just not top end. If your interested PM me and I’ll get you waht I have as I am undecided if I will post it here or not. I don’t want to hijack his thread nor do I really want to post a direct copy of his macro in my thread that I’ve just added a couple of lines.

    Edit 12/13/17- I have reworked the 1 button portion (version 1) and I am much happier with it now. I have also cleared up a few things that people have mentioned. You will need to copy/paste your previously edited lines into the new version (The spenders and heal buttons that I describe below).

    There are 2 parts (versions) to this macro

    version 1 is intended to be a spam 1 button macro (not top performance but enough to get you by without having to work at it). I have recently edited the macro and I am much more pleased with the one button performance.

    Version 2 is intended for the less casual user looking to achv. upper end results, but requires that the user fires the CP spenders manually either by use of the correct modifier or by manually pressing the spender macros that I will have you create later in this post. Please note that the Spenders are a sequence macro that include a fresh application of Rake, you need to watch your buffs and decide if you need to reapply Rake. If you do Hold the modifier long enough for it to apply Rake as well Or if manually pressing double tap the key.

    By default the version 1 is selected for all scenarios. if you would like to use version 2 you will need to change it in the configuration Tab of /gs.

    I’m working on a WeakAuras string to let you know when you should use which spender and when to apply new stacks of Rake but I do not have it at the time of this post.

    There are certain complexities that you may not have seen in other macros and I will do my best to explain them. There will be setup instruction listed just prior to the macro and you must follow these setup instructions in order for the macro to function the way that I intend. You will get very poor results if you just copy/paste the macro without reading the instructions.

    I would very much appreciate user feedback, but when doing so I ask that you provide me with enough information to make use of the feedback. So I need to know things like:

    What Talents are you using?
    What level are you?
    What is your item level?
    What Gear are you using (Trinkets Legos)?
    What is the problem?
    Where were you when the problem occurred?
    In a group or solo?
    Do you use a program like AHK or Synapse to spam the macro?
    Or do you manually press?

    you will need to open the ingame macro editor and create 4 macros as follows:
    1. Create a Macro Named “SRspender”

    2. Create a Macro Named “RIPspender”

    3. Create a Macro Named “FBspender”

    4. Create a Macro Named “RGheal”

    Place the 4 macros on your bars. If you want the option to manually press this macro and you are planning to use the advance version#2 I’d suggest placing these macros on buttons that are convenient for you to press. Once you have them where you want them type the following:
    and hover over the buttons that you have placed the 3 spender macros and the one heal macro on. Make a note of the “Frame Name” of each button that the macro resides on (this will work with any standard UI or bar addon).

    Type /fstack again to get back to normal.

    Once you have these names you will need to edit the DarkKitty Macro to reflect these loacations as follows:
    Within the DarkKitty macro you will notice lines that look like this:


    There are a total of 6 lines (10 individual things) that you must edit

    As an example of what it should look like when you are done (assuming the standard Blizzard UI and that I have placed my 4 ingame macros as follows”

    SRspender on button 2
    RIPSpender on button 3
    FBspender on button 4
    RGheal on button 5

    Example 1 becomes:

    and example 2 becomes:

    If you are confused by this please message me and I will help sort it out or make it clearer, I also plan on making a video to demonstrate this.

    With all of that being said, Here is the Macro.

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    This is DarkKitty1 Users have asked me to put it back up as some are experiencing better results.

    Stone Guard
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    For you Standard Blizz UI, Bartender 4 and ElvUI users out there I have taken the liberty of editing in the macro commands for you assuming
    Main Macro is on: Bar1 Button1
    FBspender macro is on: Button2
    RIPspender macro is on: Button3
    SRspender macro is on: Button4
    RGheal macro is on: Button5

    If you wish for them to be on different buttons replace the Button number with yours

    Standard Blizz UI

    Bartender 4:


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    have tested this and seems to be working well but i’m only ilvl 850 on my druid.

    Wanna test this when I have better gear 🙂

    Good Job

    Siegfried Galahad
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    An apology but you could create a step by step video of how to import this macro or standardize so that practically only the blizzard macros with a name that you design and so in the macro this with this not to be fixing one by one

    Stone Guard
    Post count: 212

    An apology but you could create a step by step video of how to import this macro or standardize so that practically only the blizzard macros with a name that you design and so in the macro this with this not to be fixing one by one

    It’s on a long list of things to do, but yes I understand that I need to do something here to make this easier/clearer for users.