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    First timer dealing with theese kind of things, but thought i´d share something that atleast does it´s thing for me.
    It´s very basic, and i´ve kept it like that because atleast for me when adding more to it, dps dropped.
    Crit is Key for this so more the better.(Chaos strike criticals refunds fury)
    Atm i´m running with :
    ilvl :945
    crit: 47
    haste: 18
    mastery: 36
    vers: 6
    MS set to 50, change for own preference
    Legendaries : Delusions of Grandeur and Anger of the Half-Giant
    4 min Unbuffed on raiders training Dummy put me at 1,35-1.4m dps

    Eye beam on shift for bit more control, could add it into macro for lazyness
    Nemesis on auto.
    Give it a go and enjoy…..or not 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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