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    This is currently what I am working on for Feral. Hoping for big positive changes in 8.1 and we will see if Blizzard can deliver.

    Talents: 1311121
    @75 MS
    ALT = Ferocious Bite
    CTRL = Rip

    The macro will build up everything else. You control when to refresh your dots. I will also work on other versions with other talents. This is just my first dive into this. Azeroth needs more Glitter Kitties!

    dKd6baWsuvERIyBi0mvKMnIUjj6xK03Ku2Pu2l1UvQ9RQldAyiyCePbIkvdvsmyidxL6GeQddCmOohQQwiHyPeLftclhLhsi9urltHNJ0ejOMQunzfLPlCrujEnb6zkX1vsBur1wrfzZeKTJkL7HQywOIAAeWPvXirf8ysnAuHUTk5KOkTojPRreNNOALOs6UsQ(TeBS7UHDoNlYep1TH7o7as4oOoXlymEGDkmuiWkz4g2jhGK3ofpT)iEE0CiROpLv6Je5eWNRI2Ln9r88Ohj7C7mVHAEf2nmHfNkbAwHtqg9u2u3Dd7UByNQAanEeMar(LGDB4uvdOXJg4LAefWTfNQAanEew6y4Maov1aA8ijJb2njov1aA8imbIsxi4SsHgkbAwXDhoZaEpFDRJtz7Sc7uyNqUtrlxkaHv4KpO8kmiL6UByNQAanE0eUFtcKdzC(r7cnaBnS6O(JQruQBdNQAanE0KRYSQaYO(JgdjeL62ItvnGgpAYvzwvDWiR)imHA87WzND2ccJHv4KpOCzqsiGcD3HZkmOsGMvC3HZo7SfegyRWHdNIxdowyofp76WaKpkVwzcrFKtLG9kGK3DazCdUJtzBrC4WgaUsage Information
    ALT = Ferocious Bite
    CTRL = Rip

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Priority

    KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

    Main Sequence:

    Key Press


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