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    i have just started with GSE and created my own first macros. These are based on the macro from Cymiryc.

    This macros does all cooldown except breath of sindragosa, including obliteration. In case of Rime proc, you need to press alt for howling blast. It also included a chain of ice openener for the cold heart legendary. AMS will be used on cooldown, remove it when you want to do it yourselves.

    This is the single DPS version:

    An this is the AOE DPS version:

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    Thank you for this, you made it simplified unlike others.

    What MS are you running this at?

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    Hey, you did no sindagosa skill in these makros, i want to ask why you did not?

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    He mentioned in the original post you would need to do this yourself if you want to use it. There are certain skills you should use on demand rather than let the macro decide to use it.

    Due to the longer CD you would not really want to waste this on WQ’s or on trash. Everything else that’s added is fine to use anytime.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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