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  • MaxDozer
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    Hey guys,
    Long time user first post.

    Talents 2123423
    Currently using this for raids
    Ilvl 228


    Let me know what you guys think.

    Rob Thoth
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    The talents you say you use in the OP are different than whats in the macro. Example in OP post you have 4 in the 75 talent row. Also, I didn’t see Siegebreaker in your macro.

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    I must be missing something. i just got back from vacation and cant figure out the new posts can anyone direct me to where i can find out what to do? i cant read that block of texts.

    Bobba Fatt
    First Sergeant
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    Using the Talents listed in the macro, at 206 Ilvl I was wrecking PVE (WQ’s and content) and nothing lasted more than a few seconds. Steady holding at 1.9k on WQ and Trash, haven’t tried in LFR or dungeons yet.

    Using the talents you said in OP, i have a couple problems. Talents 2123423
    what is talent 4? is that a pvp talent? do we need War Mode on for it? or was it an ooops?

    OP post talents Talents 2123423, DPS 1.6k steady at 206 ilvl for 2 mins. Seigbreaker never fired.

    Over all enjoy the macro, thank you for the post 🙂 looking forward to your edits and improvements 😀

    Bobba Fatt
    First Sergeant
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    Works well, though appeared to be a typo on the command lines “/castsequence [nochanneling] Bloodthirst, Raging Blow”, which I had to change. Also had to add in Victory Rush.

    Running 1122111 for general use and it’s the better than what I came up with and parsed better than others for Fury. My gear is bad though, ilvl 180 and 1 leggo, but sustained over 2k easily.

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    I tested all macros in the Warrior Fury section but this is by far the best macro.

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    This is smooth!

    Daniel Friberg
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    Any one got a updated version for this, Seigbreaker never goes off, and the right talents….or what is on 4? also if you can include Victory Rush it would be awsome

    First Sergeant
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    One of the better performing Fury macros here.

    Been using it in +20 mythics and RBG’s, doing 3.5-4K sustained in mythics and usually top damage in RBG’s.

    Well done.

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