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  • Suiseiseki
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    Suiseiseki <Absolute Territory> of Stormrage -US Level 110 Draenei Death Knight

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    Hello all. I’ve combined my blood macro (BloodDK) with my dual frost macro (FDK). This macro will auto switch itself to work in your current spec. You could add into the Post section an auto weapon / Ring swap to be even lazier, but I like to play around with my Warglaives in Frost.

    Blood & Frost Talents: 2313112 > Yes, I use same talents for both specs.
    Blood Major: Glyph of Outbreak, Glyph of Raise Ally, Glyph of Regenerative Magic.
    Blood Minor: Glyph of Resilient Grip, Glyph of Path of Frost. I don’t use a 3rd.
    Frost Major: Glyph of Death and Decay, Glyph of Raise Ally, Glyph of Regenerative Magic. Just 1 off from blood.
    Frost Minor: Glyph of Resilient Grip, Glyph of Path of Frost. > Same as blood.

    Spec 1 = Blood (Primary) & Spec 2 = Frost (Secondary)
    You can add /equip [spec:#] Item if you would like it to also auto change any items out for you.

    If you have 2 weapons with the same name, you can use a macro to get Item ids and equipe the item with the id it gives you.
    /run local function id(s) return string.match(GetInventoryItemLink("player",s) or "","(item:.+:%d+)") end ChatFrame1:AddMessage("MH:""\nOH:"

    You should get a message like MH:item:124624:3368:0:0:0:0:0:0:100:251:0:14:3:144:652:648

    You will then use each number like this:

    Slot 16 = Left (Main) & Slot 17 = Right (Off)

    Old Threads:
    My Blood Macro solo thread
    My Frost Macro solo thread

    Edit: It’s Beautiful!

    Suiseiseki-Stormrage-US | | Desu~!

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    Mvi Level 110 Human Warrior

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    do the macro do better damage than the old macro dual frost ?

    First Sergeant
    Suiseiseki <Absolute Territory> of Stormrage -US Level 110 Draenei Death Knight

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    I haven’t compared it to that one yet. I did 4x Random Heroics (2 Tank / 2 DPS) just to make sure the macro worked. I’m going to bed early today, but I will run more randoms tomorrow to compare overall and boss numbers.
    I remember somebody i was running with telling me I was doing 40k+ on bosses. I even met a random hunter using a swap bar macro.

    I’m not to worried about my trash numbers cause I stack so much mastery for blood. Super Buffed Howling Blast + Defile cheeses everything.

    Suiseiseki-Stormrage-US | | Desu~!

    Nicholas Outland
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    Hey, Suis–

    I just tried it tonight, and it’s not working. Like you, I’m dual-spec’d Blood (primary) and Frost (secondary), use GnomeSequencer, and I’ve enjoyed your other macros. This doesn’t respond when I tried it at the training dummmies– he twitches but stands there. I switched out the DKSmash macro for the DKBlood macro which was good, but I never could get the Death Coils to fire off. You said you did runs with both Blood and Frost and it worked fine, but I’m not getting any response. I checked more common errors such as ensuring I enter the name of the macro just as you did, but still no luck. I do mainly PVP, but of course, you have to do some PVE for regular play and achievements and the like. Plus, I tank for friends/guildmates on occasion. On the PVP side, I tried to modify some of the codes from earlier to incorporate more PVP-friendly abilities and talents, but it locked up, did nothing. “They say” that Blood DK is not a “viable option” for PVP. Really? Then why am I so hard to kill? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m hoping to change some of my opponents’ views. With your help, that may be possible. Would you please assist me? I can privately message you my BattleTag if that is easier.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully consider my request,

    Aparturum <Ascendo Tuum> of Khaz'goroth -US Level 100 Tauren Death Knight

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    Suiseiseki, created an account just to comment one this GS macro you made, which freaking works like a charm. Lucky for me I did not have to change the macro since my primary spec is blood and secondary is frost, tested in both specs and like I said works like a charm. I haven’t tanked anything since I just hit 100 but I have successfully tanked rare elite mobs by myself in Tanaan jungle and outside in Dreanor. I was using a tanking macro similar to Beefs macro which was doing o.k. for me but lacking in DPS so it made it harder to stay up while tanking a lot of mobs since the fights took a bit long but not with this macro so. I haven’t tested your other macro yet for switching weapons, Im still using the same 2hand weapon for tanking and DPS, Im just about 650 ilvl pulling about 20-25k as frost.

    So in regards to your Blood/frost macro created great work and for making one that is combined in one GS macro WOW nice job! Really something other GS macro creators should look into doing since it would be applied to all classes. Keep up the good work here and thanks for sharing your macro bud.

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    Does your Blood build not use Blood Tap? While this macro looks very well done, and performs well during testing, I noticed I wasn’t casting Blood Tap. Can you add that into the rotation? It looks like your old Blood DK sequence has it, and that’s what I’m currently using.

    Thanks in advance.

    First Sergeant
    Suiseiseki <Absolute Territory> of Stormrage -US Level 110 Draenei Death Knight

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    Same Blood with 2H Frost instead of Dual.

    Suiseiseki-Stormrage-US | | Desu~!

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    I have to say this macro is wonderful. Thank you very much. I was curious what you do for aoe in blood and frost?

    First Sergeant
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    Suiseiseki, your last macro is different from the first one you posted.
    Is that because it’s changed for 2H or is it because you updated the main one to suite both (1H & 2H)?
    Anyway, I tried the (first and also the) last DKSmash sequence you posted here with 1H+2H frost and 2H blood and I always get OOM very fast and my frost DPS and blood dps/threat/survival as tank aren’t very high.
    Only difference I can see is that I use Remorseless Winter instead of Gorefiend’s Grasp and Necrotic Plague instead of Defile or BoS). (= 2313121, both my DK’s are lvl 100 btw.)
    Any Ideas?

    @mynsc The AoE is mostly coming from Blood Boil, DaD/Defile and when you are in frost spec you can add “Howling Blast” to that (short) list.
    In other words, AoE and Single target is almost the same. Single target you could cast less Blood Boils, though that will give you a little lower DPS.

    Edited typo’s and added/changed text.

    I’m also changing to 2,3,1,1or3,1,1,2 but I noticed that you use Runic Corruption instead of Blood Tap.
    I have to say RC does work, but it’s more random and not so controllable as BT.
    If adding BT, can you give us an insight in where to put it? So that it’s (only) used after 5 and/or 10 stacks.

    Am I addicted?
    Nah, ... ๐Ÿ˜‰

    FYI. peeps; 1ms=0,001sec., 1sec.=1.000ms
    (My macro-key repeat is set to 80ms=0,080 sec. and 70ms=0,070sec.)

    ยก.The Devil may care, but I Bloody don't.!

    J.j. Hagmann
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    Keep in mind Outbreak comes with level 81, so until level 81 this rotation sucks cause of 0 Runic power utilization. line Outbreak, Death Coil, Death Coil, Death Coil, Death Coil, Death Coil, Death Coil, Death Coil; [spec:2] Outbreak, Frost Strike, Frost Strike, Frost Strike, Frost Strike, Frost Strike, Frost Strike, Frost Strike”, simply going to ignore till level 81

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