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    i know this is almost a prepost of someone elses post, but if any of you macro wizards can make a viable unholy rotation i would love you. the others here dont hold what they say…i do like 25k with em and im 720 for gods sake. doesnt mean i dont appreciate all the good work thats out here, but there is something lackin obviously. best regards Frost

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    Managing the Plagues and the durations with Festering Strike
    Death Coil pooling and quickly re-applying to maintain high monstrosity uptime
    The decision for Festering Strike if you have two Blood or two Frost runes available or Scourge Strike when you have an Unholy or a Death rune available

    All three make a spam macro for unholy nearly impossible to generate high dps.

    I recommend switching to another class if you are super lazy, just play hunter and fire off all focus and repeat

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    give this a try mate, DK is not my main (695 ilvl) but it gets the job done

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    thanks for both infos and macros guys 🙂

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    Thx for macros mates. Awesome job!

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