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  • James Kray-hall
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    Hello there, 
    I made an account years ago and now going through all my old accounts and deleting the ones i do not use, I read that you do not delete accounts permanently but according to the new regulations that came into effect last month I have a right to be forgotten, so I could like my account and all my details to be permanently delete from your databases.

    Thank you

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    the admin will have to go in to the SQL data base and Remove you entrys in to system for you to be 100% deleted

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    Ryan Heartthrob
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    I’ve never been told to “permanently delete” someone from my database in a breakup.
    I thought we could still be friends :'(

    Stone Guard
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    As someone has stated it would need a Sql query or owner to go into phpadmin and delete your details from the database but as you only have 1 post count i’m guessing you made a new account to post but give no mention of your old account details and I don’t think the owner is physic.

    edit: Unless you’ve used the same email address which I don’t think you could do then he could search by that

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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