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    I would hate to have to go one by one over all my toons. The beta macros should be usable now in live so I was hoping to find a way to just copy from beta.

    I had to reload the game recently but I saved the interface folder and found out the macros are not stored in the addon folder like before. Not sure where they are actually stored.

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    Not sure either, I logged in and all my macros that I actually use auto deleted. I wish they wouldn’t do this kinda stuff after all the many hours of testing etc that is put in to macro making. I literally have one hand, and remaking all these macros is proving to be a total buzzkill.

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    You need to be offline from both WoW Beta and WOW Live for this to work.
    – Go to your Beta/PTR install of WoW in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder
    – Find the WTF/Account/{YOURACCOUNTNAMEHERE}SavedVariables/GSE.lua file
    – Copy that to the same location on yor Live install and Start WoW

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    Thanks but just logged into Beta and the idiots at blizz deleted them all so nothing to copy across anymore.

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