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  • Lonestar
    First Sergeant
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    Have a script?

    I don’t use autohotkey software, I have a gaming keyboard set up for my AHK. the delay is 98ms is what I use. I am not sure what that converts to in autohotkey or punchkey software or razer gaming keyboards as my setup is all steelseries gaming stuff.

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    Anyone have any issue with this getting stuck casting the PVP macro when out questing?

    大銘 張
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    What’s the matter? I use it and I get stuck. I can’t find the reason. I didn’t use AHK, only manual launch.

    Triggly Turk
    Senior Sergeant
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    Works perfectly for me. Using Punchkey at 100ms. Zero hangups. Thank you.

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    This works really good, thanks!

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    i think somethings wrong it want apply courrution and it wants to spam unstable alot

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    Did you intend to choose the Rot and Decay talent and include Curse of Shadows in tab 3 of the macro?

    John Q.
    First Sergeant
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    Yeah, I know it spams UA’s; that is what its SUPPOSED to do; Corruption is just a secondary DoT; the biggies are SL and Agony.

    Not going to say that I’ve ‘retired’ from the game. However, I’ve uninstalled it.

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)

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