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  • SerenaLunatc
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    OK – here is a macro for GSE2 that I just put in. It is meant to be a one-button push regardless of situation, it does use the mod: alt key for AoE use of multi-strike and stampede. It has /assist in there to assist your focus if one is set. I don’t know if this will be good on DPS but when I use it I get around the same DPS as I get when I use other macros posted here.

    Open /gs, select import, paste in, click import, close gs, open gs, edit macro, change spec to something else, change spec back to beast master, create icon, drag to bar. That should do it

    Let me know how it works for you.

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    macro is unable to import, think this one is broken.

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    Thanks, I will look at it again. This was an export copy and paste so not sure what the issue might be.

    As above, not sure why, but I am unable to import myself even after testing the macro works, then doing an export, and then a straight copy/paste.

    All but the KeyRelease can be put into a macro manually.

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    Try this, cleaned it up whilst looking at TL’s video and samples……

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    Still unable to import.

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    that’s looks Mad lol

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    To create manually open /gs, click new. On the first page fill out the name, talents, spec, and author. On the second page select sequential if not already selected, paste in the commands from the keypress section into keypress area. Paste in the commands from the macro section into the macro area. Click save. Close gs. Open gs. Select another spec ID, then select beastmaster spec id again, click save and then close. Click create icon, thenn drag the ? to your hotbar.

    Whenpasting in the commands remove all quotation marks on the outside of the command and then also remove the commas from each line.

    Unfortunately there is not a way to put in KeyRelese sections through the editor yet so to get those in there you have to click export, highlight all and ctrl+c to copy, then close, click import, paste in the entire macro, then paste in the lines from the macro above for the keyrelease portion, then click import.

    I don’t think it will work though because even using the export function I cannot import this macro. I am using it in game and it seems to have about the same DPS as I have seen using other macros posted here, I just wanted an all in one macro.

    When I use this I have a macro that I made in the macro section in WOW 9not using GSE2). It is

    I have that hotkeyed onto one of my side buttons on my mouse and as soon as the mob is dead, unless there are more to kill right away, that keeps my pet doing what I want it to do. Oh yeah, my pet is always on passive already.

    Hope you can get this to work for you when you try it.

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    Corrected teh problem with the original post. That should now import cleanly.

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    Please use the original post and not the 5th post down as it has the incorrect syntax usage and won’t import due to Titan’s Thunder.

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