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    Hey guys, just thinking about classic WoW, which i personally am quite excited for.

    On the assumption that addons are something WoW classic allows (which tbh i don’t see why they wouldn’t) do you think that:

    1. The creators of GSE would create a version for classic?
    2. Macro creators will provide macros for classic, given the sheer number of derivatives available for each class and spec with the old talent trees?

    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    First Sergeant
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    Kinda a touchy subject right now. Most everyone is so hyped with classic most purists probably don’t even want any sort of addons even in it!

    They did touch on it during Blizzcon, But they was not sure where the line would be.

    Now for me, I do hope some kind of “questhelper” would be allowed and that’s a quality of life that I could tell from playing the Demo? My god did I miss it!! lol

    I mean, Obviously I will play without it? But I hate questing as it is… :p

    As for macros…Again, As much I would love to see that myself. I would say over time, It will happen. (Questhelper or anything else.) But I would think at launch? Probably won’t even have it where we can even use addons. Great question tho. I hear ya, I hope that they do get put in at some point with Classic.

    John Mets
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    It’s something we have discussed, and we should have something for classic, at blizcon it was mentioned at the Q and A and I chatted to staff while I was there and it seems they are going to limit, what you can do, as back in vanilla you had massive amounts of control you could implement that they don’t want, so I surmised we will have the same limitations we do now, but yeah we should have a version of gse for classic.

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    Thats great news, John, thanks for the reply. And thanks for your insight Roy i think i agree with you.

    For me the GSE level of automation is a nice happy medium. Vanilla addons like LazyScripts with the smarter API took things a little too far.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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