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  • Kim Sørensen
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    im not open to critique , this is after all , just a setup that im comfortable with .
    but if somebody could improve it , then im all ears <3
    (especially the incin&conflag&chaosbolt macro)
    (it casts conflagrate twice sometimes , and that’s not optimal at all…)

    first of i’ll list the buttons that im pushing during a fight . some of them aren’t macroed at all .

    1 . cast life tap
    2 . use pot
    3 . (macro) cast havoc and sets focus / casts havoc at focus (CTRL modifier casts havoc on new target)
    4 . cast immolate
    5 . (macro) cast infernal at cursor
    6 . (macro) cast grimoire : imp at focus
    7 . cast soul harvest
    8 . (macro) cast dimensional rift at focus
    9 . (gse macro) casts immolate once and then rotates through incinerate , conflagrate , chaosbolt .

    so thats 9 buttons , instead of 12 , only because of the lazy rotation sequence at the end .
    i was experimenting with having infernal and grimoire in one sequence,
    and soul harvest+dimensional rift in another, and it worked 70~% of the time, other times it just did nil…
    so i had to scrap that.
    another note, alot of people probably dont find the : cast at focus macro’s necessary, it’s just my prefference >_> .

    now lets break down what the macro’s contain :




    |dimensional rift|

    |gse sequence|

    Kim Sørensen
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    when shift is not held down , my action bar looks like this.
    (yah there’s heartstone and stuff too but meh)

    so the first i would press is “|” life tap
    then use potion …
    then “Q” to havoc and set focus
    then “1” to immolate

    Kim Sørensen
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    when shift is held down my actionbar looks like this.

    and thus i press
    shift+1 for infernal at cursor
    shift+2 for grimoire at focus
    shift+3 for soul harvest
    shift+4 for dimensional rift at focus

    and then i release shift

    i refresh lifetap+havoc+immolate

    and then i can just spam my “E” button for incinerate+conflagrate+chaosbolt until either :
    : lifetap/havoc/immolate needs to be refreshed
    : one of my 4 shift spells come off cooldown
    : target is dead or i just simply need to switch target .

    Kim Sørensen
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    my talents .
    ofc there’s some weakaura’s involved to keep track of havoc/lifetap/immolate

    now if someone manages to make the gse sequence macro more efficient
    or manages to squeeze infernal+grimoire together
    or squeeze soulharvest+dimensionalrift together
    that would be awesome,

    the infernal+grimoire i tried via gse looks like this :

    and the soulharvest+dimensionalrift macro i tried, went like this :

    simple enough , and works most of the time , but i can’t keep it on my bar if it’s gonna fail sometimes…

    Kim Sørensen
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    the gse sequence rotation is indeed a cut-off from the “highperformance” gse macro’s btw .

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