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    I would like to ask for your help XD
    I can not include the pet freeze in the macro in the following order
    1- Blizzard
    2- orb
    3- pet frezze
    4- comet
    If it is possible for someone to see what they are thankful for

    dStncaGErL6LQk2fiLxlPA2IYHv5MqLFHOBlsphLDQk7LA3sz)k8trf9xfLgNOkduivdvImyPA4kYbLqEmQogsNtvvleHLkrTyjXYf8qrv9uILbI1jQWeLatfOjROA6KUOOsURiUSsxhkTrHK2Qe0Mfsz7cjonGNbQpds(UIIrQQ0BfQrljTnjLtQQY0eIRbfNhQAyGu9nju)gYMAq)Ow(LFUMvaZzzCfs9dIbT8DZMYaA1Tuv1jwoijNbnt2LB8PhpGyqJJsTaEzBtzwOukmfg2sbB0oSzQFulF3SjlfH2rp94bKfzA5)kWVArSuewTkky5ZXQceol4oEav4gyaOgZG(rnOFulK8JPJEmhLw50Krpo6CSbgkKm60)qhgtn)GyHKFmD0J5O0kNMm65fPyAe)GTqYpMo6XtRMm6WWW)X4xelK8JPJEmhLw50KrNIbgZFmwYhLw5uty57EZnHL3YRBcleBMAclLbAqrnHLsiMI74bKbTAPmqdkiMWYNfF5nBp2Aq)Owi5hthDkncKAwTi6ofvSnUcGAwkfaqbafVfWaqR(QqmHLpl(sHLXmOFulK6fGA1TTP4h94gQ6fstINV38e)GyHKFmD0JBOPvtgDyAT8k2pylKtRo6XhJbW0eRwkfwChpGmOvlGbGw9vPMWQvl4Ug2l7xt3qu2McGAMWQvBaUsage Information
    Aoe macro

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Priority

    KeyPress: Invocation d’un élémentaire d’eau

    Main Sequence: Blizzard, Orbe gelé, Gel, Tempête de comètes

    KeyRelease: Barrière de glace

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