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  • Ripshawn
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    So out of boredom i decided to level up my free lvl 100 warrior and i have to say thie macro is a god sent i was trying to learn how to play a warrior but this macro has done wonders for me. So i would like to nominate it for HP macro all three of them

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    Hello guys i have a problem. I have downloaded and pasted and renamed the folder to the right localization and the macros do not appear in the game. I cannot use any. Any advice?
    Edit: It sees macros for shaman but doesnt see any for DK

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    which is the class that uses 100% gnomesequence effectively?

    Robert Tilley
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    Guardian druids can use GS scripts for 100% of their time. Blood DKs are easy to automate completely. Most classes are like this; aside from special CDs and procs that need manual activation.

    Searching among the forums for each class, one can usually find a script that completely manages combat. One’s DPS may be slightly or more lower than optimum. Such is the price for automation of combat rather than manual management.

    Bind your GS script to your mouse wheel UP and DOWN. Combat is then finger-flicking the mousewheel while one watches for environmental things during combat; standing in boss pee and such.

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    for hunter mm macro non top al 100%

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    for hunter mm macro non top al 100%


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    Gonna nominate my own Prot Pally Macro found Here, seems alot of people like it and it will work from fresh 100 all the way to Mythic’s, apparently +10 according to a person on my post.

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    Hey guys if this is in the wrong spot, please move it..but I don”t get here too often and do appreciate the work done.
    Question is that I do not see any thing but than the fury warrior macros…is there a update in the GS-E WLM High Performance Macros folder as it was presented through Curse, and where top find them.


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    hello, you could link all the latest high performance macro ??? thank you

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    The latest are linked on page 1 post one of this thread.

    It takes a lot to get through the process and not all classes / specs have been through that task.

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