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    Updating my macro before the xpac got on the ptr and and came up with this. No user input its all auto if you need to drop back and heal check out my Mistweaver macro even though the talents are different the primary spells will still function. The idea is to make sure that the thunder focus tea proc gets used up by Rising Sun Kick instead of Renewing Mist so the step function here is set to priority. I watched the macro for like 5 minutes on a dummy and rising sun kick always used the thunder focus tea proc and it always extended the essence font dot. I know chi burst is a better spell but I feel like the cast time messes up the macro and in raid situations I don’t think it will be easy to line up in an auto macro not knowing when cd is coming up plus movement in melee while casting wastes gcds.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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