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    Hi All

    So I have been asked to make (or share) my Prot warrior macro that I use

    So after some consideration I have decided to share it how I use it. Things you need to know off hand. You need make sure that nothing is bound to the key you put the macro under as Shift Ctrl or Alt.

    Eg. If you put the macro on Button 1. Make sure Shift 1 , Ctrl 1 and Alt 1 does nothing else you wont be able to use this macro effectively.
    The macro is in my 8 slot so it dont interfere with anything on my side

    Ok so here goes and I hope you enjoy

    Holding Shift trigger – Ignore Pain
    Holding Ctrl trigger – Revenge
    Holding Alt trigger – in order of availability – Shield Block (until no more charges are available) then Victory Rush (if available) and then only Nelth Fury

    The rest is building and the macro runs on 300ms smooth if you want to use AHK to trigger it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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