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    I’m new to wow, but definitely not to macros or mmo macros. I only recently discovered this site and the GSE addon, for someone like myself that is pretty good with setting up mouse/keyboard macros, what’s the advantage of using GSE instead of mapping out individual key macros in the mouse/keyboard software?

    The other question I really wanted to know, and how I found this site and still can’t find, is what is the time I should set between ability usage? e.g. global cooldown time? Is it 50ms, 100ms etc between ability use?

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    The really obvious one is if you map out your macro in mouse and keyboard software you run a significant risk of being banned. See the post here on Bots, Botting and the thin Grey line.

    GSE Uses WoWs Mod api to overcome the limitations in WoWs in game macro implementation. It conforms to the same rules of one key press = 1 action and it adheres to the limitations of the combat sandbox in that it can’t react to procs it use if them logic within a macro. It can however work around these limitations. Being something that is totally written within WoWs api you don’t have the ban risk in that if Blizzard doesn’t like how GSE is implemented they will change the API not ban the player.

    You don’t need a third party application to use GSE however some macros are written expecting that you are using something like AHK or Razer Sybapse that when you hold down a key it will send individual key presses to WoW emulating you physically spamming a key. This is often represented in MS however this number isn’t exact. It’s different depending on your computer, network latency and the angle of the moon to Azeroth when viewed from Argus. While people will give their value you will need to experiment and find your own sweet spot.

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