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  • Suiseiseki
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    I’ve been testing and tweaking this macro on the IF Raid Dummy, since it’s the only one, that I know of ally side, that you won’t cleave lower level dummies and it doesn’t have a critter next to it.

    My lock is ilvl 181 and getting around 11xx dps. My dps starts around 800 and just rises until it settles around the 1.1k.
    I will try to do some LFG / LFRs. Not sure how LFG will go with bosses dying so fast.
    Test has been done by doing at least 500k+ dmg to the dummy.

    Talents: 21x3x11 (Just tried to use Icy Single target talents)
    Implosion is not used. Demonbolt is used twice in the macro, but in my testing it’s not really hardcast to often. I tried to keep the Vilefiend+Tyrant CDs stacked, but you can remove them or add a [mod] in before the reset.


    Let me know how it works for you.


    Sergio Jing
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    Thanks for your post. It’s a good macro. Just run a M+15 BRH. It’s around 4K in AOE and 2.8K in ST. My ilvl is 241 with 19% crit, 41% haste and 47% mastery and I use the two rings as my leggos. But I do a little change for your macro. I add two mod for Demon bolt and Gul’s Hand. So I can adjust the time to cast the two spells according to my resources.

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    How fast to spam it?

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