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    First Sergeant
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    Guys overall new talent Inquisition is AWSOME!
    But you need to use it manually why? because if we add it to a single button macro it doesn’t work properly. So i suggest you to bind it to a button so you can track it as you like and also i will leave a WeakAura String link below that shows cooldowns to you. Follow your cooldowns, use your CD’s and keep on pushing 😉
    Here is the macros. Have fun.

    EDIT: (I wrote this in a reply but i guess whosoever reads this page and plays retribution should know)
    I have updated the macros for BFA also suggested a Weak Aura string that i’m using since last week and it works perfectly because it shows that i’m not in inquisition when i’m not which i forgot most of the time and was dropping from DPS since BFA arrived but it’s returned to it’s casual rotation now. Almost everyone asks me why i’m not adding ALT’s or CTRL to macros for CD’s or etc. Why because if a fight like Mythic Raid or Mythic+ Dungeons i need to becareful when i use them and i don’t like to be too lazy to play a game with only one button.
    Also don’t forget HASTE and CRIT must be a priority for your item choises but if theres a 10 level difference then use high one but if it is less then it don’t have to because won’t change your dps too much. Check your Global Cooldown and up your haste till it drops to 1 second or less (less is better).
    So.. feel free to ask anything if you have something in your minds.
    TALENTS i suggest you to use: 2323213
    By the way if your Warmode‘s are online your PVP talents are as follows:
    Gladiator’s Madallion
    Blessing of Sanctuary
    Yesterday i was in wanted list of the Alliance like 6-7 times. :p If you are going to a PVP i recommend you to change your third talent from Blinding Light to Fist of Justice because you gonna need alot of stuns as possible if you are going after Slayer of the Alliance Ach. ????
    My Battle Tag: TMUAR#2523
    A tip: If you see someone below 115 level RUN!
    Their Legendary affects are still working and they will probably gonna carve you up. lol.

    Blake Jones
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    Could you put inquisition on a modifier and it doesnt seem to be casting wake of ashes

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    Works, not sure about numbers since recount hasn’t updated yet but still a step forward. Thanks for your work!

    Brandon Larson
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    What talents are you using with this macro?

    Senior Sergeant
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    hello, the AOE macro I can not import

    First Sergeant
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    Could you put inquisition on a modifier and it doesnt seem to be casting wake of ashes

    I will update it today. Yea i didn’t add none of cds.

    hello, the AOE macro I can not import

    i will check it.

    Works, not sure about numbers since recount hasn’t updated yet but still a step forward. Thanks for your work!

    Guys i’m doing like 6-8K to single target bosses and around 10-15K on AOE depends on the number of adds.
    I have tried it on +15 Key after i first wrote. I did triple times more DPS than the nearest guy 😀
    Rightnow if no nerf comes to us Retri will be the King of DPS lol

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    Post count: 6

    palla time bro 🙂

    Michael Xerosyn Phillips
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    6-8k and 15k seem really high. Im pulling 3.5 atm ST. Maybe 4k burst.

    Ik Ik
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    8 k?

    Doing 2 kz with 210 and looks like its holding back a lot.

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