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  • Raze48
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    This is my baseline I’ve been working with, after release I’ll tweak but this seems to work.

    *UPDATE 07/07/2018* – Reworked Macro, removed Cleave and found a comfortable Soul Bomb usage.

    Ryan Heartthrob
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    I am new to DH, but wouldn’t you want to save your soul frags all for spirit bomb? So having Soul Cleave in the rotation would mess that up. Or are we generating enough pain and frags to suite both?

    Senior Sergeant
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    It’s what I’m using at the moment because I have not found the right Loop Limit and position to make Spirit Bomb stagger out enough that it’s using a decent amount of Frags, but yes when I’m done Cleave will be gone.

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    Did i miss how to import that?

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    This more consistantly fires Soul Cleave and Spirit Bomb. I don’t care about the credit. You may have to alter the castsequence to align with your haste. Just add or remove shear/fracture as needed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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