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  • Michael Fricker
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    First, please excuse my bad English 🙂

    Some time ago there was a macro called Jainas Firey Bush or similar. This I found very good, unfortunately, it has recently been deleted out of stupidity. Well, there is no entry here anymore and my question would be? Has one of you still installed it and could it post new here? Thank you very much.

    Best regards.

    Stone Guard
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    Hey, i searched for it with google (and found: “Mini Cym’s Fire Mage Macro”) but i cant open the link. It seems all the posts he / she did where deleted. Sorry.

    Edit: It seems like a lot of the macros of different Users / & Classes where deleted.

    Code + Macro + Code = Blackbox

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    d4JcdaGEOq9sOuERe1RHsCyPEgq3vjmBsmoe8jOc)crFtj1PPs7uu7v1UL0(P8Cq)fkv)gLbsszOiHblmCLOdssAyqvogvDoOswiurlfQQftkwUs9qOapvXYqQ1rsmrOKMkGMSiMoXfHc6QqHCzixNuTrOiBfGQnts12bi9yunleAAs47augjuPUjagns6ZqrDsLKZcqCnQ48sKvIeDBrABKsF)b(S)dLQUkR6GDmTcFmeqWooXOb3ptFGFWks9wxrE2)byRGQc8dnrAIEIGe9ebjs)b3iLLFOqb1qKfvMGSW1IewfhIf8EJSaWO2IfLy6wiuDRyXIwdtxSiTKf1ofbTGPUfPnFZGwKWQIfkUiSyHRyrcRIdXcDiYcxXO0OuO6cTWfArBH(sl4kmiYIUMyXs0gYQTIfAAruqwK2ygzHgDxLel(aqZ3mahTHUSk8aF2FGp7)qYBOyHhpceCaFM(djVHIf0oRDk8pd(HK3qXcACvq45IpK8gkw4XJabhWND(qYBOyHhe8zTFi5nuSa0RvR)51Fi5nuSWJhbcoGpt4djVHIf0oRDk8pJRpK8gkwuuu4S(dgWs10YX5NrqlXKELlUS6h87Acl9d2qLOyJGWd8z)hsP3ygjOkkTKfLRmQ9oDr5euNS4z6pK8gkwuoLLOcKQR6Ycl8EqTAFg8djVHIfLtzjQWLTcr146BiBVWcApnEpx8HK3qXIYPSevAfHOAC9nKTxybaibX2x(qbdka08n7aV8HIncGMVzh4Z(pK8gkwuuu4S(z6pK8gkwqd6a6bV8bBOs4JuqneDGp7)qYBOybnOdOh8YLlFuvxOY2FWhrT1OwdXy9k6ZSeXxH1N1c(zfNv)8bGUQ3kRQcAdOOQ4YQxZLl)Usage Information
    Please note i don’t care what you think about my names of macros dont liek it don’t use it

    this is a up close and personal battle mage build

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.12.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Random

    Pre Macro: Blazing Barrier, Living Bomb

    KeyPress: Flamestrike, Pyroblast

    Main Sequence: Scorch, Living Bomb, Dragon’s Breath, Fireball, Phoenix Flames, Fire Blast

    KeyRelease: Blazing Barrier

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    Edit: It seems like a lot of the macros of different Users / & Classes where deleted.

    i noticed the same and made apost about it, but got no answer.

    Michael Fricker
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    thank you so much 🙂

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