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    Version 1.1 (release)

    Goal: Provide Easy AOE damage

    Explanation: Mages are generally the masters of slow and control. So here is a macro that makes those frost grinds easy.

    Reason:Just a simple method of creating an aoe grind. USe the builder to build icicles and get procs. Spend the procs to do massive damage.

    *** Note ***
    – Blizard always goes first and resets with combat, it also is a mouseover macro.
    – Frost nova and cone of cold are manual entry

    Lazy macro performing on a 6 mob grind

    Shiver Builder

    di0HcaWjrjnlOk3suPDjsYVu0WefCmsTmk8mPY0GIRjk02KsFtsACIeNJiSorkUNOudeQ0bfvSqOIjseDrrvTrrrgjuvNusSsrs9sjsZuuu3uszNa9trQmujQLkH8uLMkfDvrj2QeQ3kf3vQAVQ(RivnyehgYIjQEmHjtKCzHnlP6ZePgnr50K41IuA2aUTi2nL(nsdNKoUOklhvph00P66kSDjOVlbopuA9se7hLV(Mhu)DXVsX5xu6XjlvYSKh04MFXpaubuSP9Rm3vHPzolGwaaQeSjibNctLGMmRt5Je40PQkIjuMsHbpx5yZDWlzamGZVMiGW6WV6oDN2O7l(bG6xCgkasfCgPoLZi15uOZijiPdgjN0L)xjJ6ObGFq93AibNwCWHkul8MhuFZdQ)ofiOZincAICK3ZiPGPQgZbn(ofiOZiAjKOAkThS77uGGoJ0yPcziRnauSs3ZiAD73sdSffabcg38G6Vtbc6mIwJXO9GgFNce0zKglvn8EgPt3Ms1d29DkqqNrAe0e5iVNr0gyQAC)BPb2Y8acV5b1FNoIlD4HnsWYinwQmepPVrQajv)bn(ofiOdJ8gHvemsdUIbhs59mcpGHNTGMih5mcJO1ymAXJrSdGd29Dkqqhg5ncRiyKgCfdoKY7zeEadpBbnroYzegrRXy0IhJOLidDzSfpgXoaaU)D9qntdRWvO2VL5kuUIJ9BzEudj40BE)Bzk0RHeC6nVF)(3vnevK8GTy(MZWLr5FbXQQcbuuvXn1d5HswnLrHFRHSdeqfRh8cdRRqThN73)bUsage Information
    Builder for frost mage AOE

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.09.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Priority

    KeyPress: Blizzard, Ice Barrier

    Main Sequence: Frozen Orb, Frostbolt, Glacial Spike

    KeyRelease: Icy Veins, Summon Water Elemental, Ice Barrier

    Shiver Spender

    dKJRbaGEePxIi2LKQEnqPzRWNak(LQ62OODQO9k2nj7hK1Hq1FrO8BidebAOOWGb1WPQdIaomuhtvooqLfIGSuKslgPy5O6MuHNsSmKQNR0ePsMkGjJqA6uUis4XK6YsDDvAJavTvKOnJsTDjLtlX0urFgH47iPgjv02qunAG8mj5KuPUfsY1qjNxfwPKkFdrzyiOoVaK5lI40nLuqlXegumDLj9aeXzp8JIcSrazMFj()tnI6bM0dMynhT1Rrm)Sr8lZ9BiFr)xqLAnNkAoO6Yj9oU7pcaE0kBJ8QEvp6vrC1SX3HL5lIZE4Ji(wr0MdbJydbxuRHvgeSgVgemtSMJwiy2ioeSaQuR5reFRD7ktYpJqGRbcXJmp8(Du8Ecw3LMUagaqOnIdSMJOS5BbP2aK5laz(I8141GGPZImwvKLj9iFnEni4ZtYFNzwf5RXRbbxr4twSIWaTMdSMJcqSiI1EWFvARGurKgC3wzf8icj9bT9OXBhGmFr(RH8A8AffrIfHbVDG1CuaIfHK(GbV3naXIflIdS6IhUvwZR1kRGuHqXILaUsage Information
    Spender of instant cast macros for Shiver

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.09.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Sequential

    Main Sequence: Ice Lance, Flurry, Ebonbolt

    KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

    Post count: 17

    Macro is nice when it works but man it breaks constantly! makes it pretty much unusable.

    Think the issue is where you have

    /castsequence [@cursor] reset=combat Ice Barrier, nul
    /castsequence [@cursor] reset=combat Ice Barrier, Blizzard, null

    Since it cant cast Ice Barrier twice in a row it breaks it and screws everything up, removing the 2nd one may fix this Im testing it now.

    Also the 2nd macro for spends is really not needed you can incorporate that portion into your first macro by simply using modifiers in the Keypress area.

    /cast [mod:alt] Ebonbolt
    /cast [mod:shift] Flurry
    /cast [mod:ctrl] Ice Lance

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