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    as said somwhat wowrelated but based out of a problem with a Razer tartarus v2 and GSE in wow..

    i can configure my my steelseries keyboard to do autofire on basically any key and it works….
    i can do the same on my tartarus v2 and it works with everything also……except firing macros…
    it works in a chatline in wow.
    it works out of wow.
    it does however not work in firing GSE macros anymore.
    ive ran it without any addon apart from GSE and on the tartarus v2 it does just not work.
    ive also tried it on 4 other characters and its the exact same there, keyboard autofire fires macros but tartarus doesnt but the autofire function is working on it….

    getting grey hairs here, has anyone seen this weird shit before?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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