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    Here are my personal macros that I’m currently using with great results.

    Only 2 of them…a WQ/Leveling macro and one just for boss fights (might have to weave them together on boss fights with multiple low HP adds). I use someone else’s AOE macro, can’t remember who’s.

    Test these out and let me know some results/possible changes to improve. I only just stared BM as an alt so this may not be the best macro for higher ilvl folks. I’m only 315 but I like this better than others I’ve tried and this gives me the best numbers. With most other macros I find myself staring at Crows or Bestial Wrath wondering why they are not being cast ASAP in the middle of a fight. I use AHK set to fire at 75ms (0.075 secs). I handle Aspect and racial on my own…usually precast or with Lust if we use it within the first minute.

    The first is the Boss Macro that opens with a Barbed Shot to frenzy your pet:


    Next is the WQ/Leveling version which is the same but minus the Barbed Shot opener. If you constantly use the boss macro while killing adds quickly, it may hang up and not work since it is trying to open with Barbed Shot which may be on cooldown for some time:


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