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    Hi guys, this is my first time doing something like this and i hope you all enjoy. A lot of these macros are very good for decent questing and stuff but really with this week with raids and mythic instances that came out i found my self struggling trying to keep up with peoples dps, never mind the bad cd usage or anything like that.
    All my tests where on a Raid Dummy

    Took it in to a Mythic +2 and was top DPS every engage.

    So i tried this with a solo sim. My sim was 7.4k with no buffs just by my self.
    My Current ilvl is 344

    With with macro i’m able to pull 6.8k-8k sustain

    I put a Alt Mod for Pistol shot
    Also ctrl mod for Grapple hook for fast quick target changes/getting outta stuff fast
    For AoE Use Blade flurry only when there is more then 2 or more mobs

    Give it a try and see how you like it

    d8Z8caqzGhRuVeuL3IK2Ms4Wqntqb3JuvMnQ60K0njHFHu(gk1Drj7ef7vA3cTFv9tqjggj63u6tGImuLObJy4KQCqIQEUGJr15uXcPWsjkwmPYYrLhcQONQyzKY6iQmrIWuj0Kvstx0RjsDvqfEgKRtGnckvBfuOntKSDqrnlv6RGsAAeLghs1irc9zIOrtqJhukNej4wGQ6AGCEKOvsQQUnfDCqLUEflJ3bwGdryqEyTmAvSJiMheZqh3DhH06OaV5SWiGlOAJHkwgVILX7qBJd5tOUTM6WjRN4i2qklJwhABCida4kae3GNqLdeaP(2wtD4K1t8dc5q3N4heYHUpXpiKV4(e)Gqo09j(bHCO7t8dc5q3NOP8q)(e)Gqo09j(bHCO7t0uEOFFIFqih6(e)Gqo09j(bHCO7t0uEOFFIFqih6(e)Gqo09jAkp07aNwtD4SgDOiaVwJomGT01OJbGpRrhzuJs61OZsBivG3C2k2Sd8aukdGhGdGk2SJmQrj1Qrh4bOCjhieQyz8o0smNKGeebMu(eQrRqmN5DfGxzvgTo024q(eQHeG5tHSEc9fSxuguhABCiFcvt7QCy(K1tC6qSxGkJSDOTXH8junTRYTtoEwpXr0zZUmqDOTXH8junTRYfeQkvY6j(bswi2n7iYPgLgKA1OZKa9GDbXDQAJDgaCfaIPkMVZsoGc8MZwXY4DOTXH8juJ2qcW8PWB0UTM6WjRN4SPlBZoICQrPbPxJMn7OahfG5PqmbCWmiMQ2yn6ibqkSa(SmEhfuMcv3l5fekJwhkc41RJOQPompoUctHNOadBprILZR)oJEGnfKOmAlu2rEoqexg4J6iVGuOLRJOQPompoUcFdERDvO1kvZMTUsage Information
    Timbaland’s Max DPS

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.09.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Sequential

    Pre Macro: Stealth

    KeyPress: Grappling Hook, Blade Flurry, Ambush, Pistol Shot

    Main Sequence: Dispatch, Roll the Bones, Adrenaline Rush, Sinister Strike

    Luc Snijders
    Senior Sergeant
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    Runs once, when all cd’s are used, hangs.

    Pete Misc
    First Sergeant
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    Well, looking at the code, you have Blade Rush as a talent but its not in the macro, you use Adrenaline every time (wasted on trash), also, you have a lot of spells that are on GCD in the keypress, I would be afraid of lockups running this in a dungeon or raid.

    This is not much different than what Clash has, cept all the GCD spells in keypress.

    But if it works for you, go with it.

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    It never hangs for me, you can always take out Adrenaline rush so that wont be a issue

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