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  • Grant Schultz
    Senior Sergeant
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    Ok 2.0, I changed some talents, kept the random bombs
    Figured the serpent sting might start spamming but had hoped at max level it wouldn’t be an issue. (bit of a rush job)
    So reworked and now have a decent balance of focus usage instead of it just capping and not being used.

    I ran this at 50ms

    daueiaalrPBrqKDrOWVOYWiWXGYYOQNbktJqUMkzBQuFdOXjvoNOADG4EekzGkI6Gee1cvu9qcknrrqxKqP2ibP8rcvmscs1jji8sckMjbvDtrGDQWqbjlvrKNIyQGuBvr4TQQ7Qk7f1FjiXGPCyLwSi6XszYq1LHSzqLplcnAfLtlv9AcQmBa3wf7gPFlz4kshNGKwUi9CIMUW1ffBNqrFNqvJNqLopOQ9tAgJHMhymb6jjeIJ4i2tsStOqYlueWdpdntGEbq0qYeyzXY6ZIL1N1N1ZeHocyktGcyBi1sicoev2lMiPAo1irgQunNAcBva4L4Ps1kQARAchcE1swzO4Qj((yMARANcVhUEuQyOguPiPSNMOAlfE1ofEpC9Ou1eoe8Qj(Eaa1KrnvTygsTZ2sl1wkUAlaqjE1GVYOwuQLrIulMHu7u49W1Jsfd1yscrWTzacEGXeHCMywLYKiTpXe3jhzsxa4lktsW2sRjqPY(IkzO5bgdnpWyIRTYqTpTof(tnSUBFxop8mX1wzO2NwNc)PM)(gemNhWyIRTYqTFSaiAab05FQ5bfad2fpeXexBLHA)ybq0acOZ)udQzO06uuKAZRtsECXexBLHA)ybq0acOZ)uBIcyJEaKAZRtsECZexBLHAFADk8NAyD3Eqb8aKjU2kd1(06u4p18x5I6Y5rhtCTvgQ9P1PWFQH1D7bfWJCM4ARmu7hlaIgqaD(NAEqbWGDXdmbmX1wzO2pwaenGa68p1GAgkToffP286KKhyymX1wzO2pwaenGa68p1MOa2OhaP286KKhyEM4ARmu7tRtH)uZFLlQlNhyWyIRTYqTpTof(tnSUBpOaEGjIjU2kd1(XcGObeqN)PMhuamyx8a7IjU2kd1(XcGObeqN)PguZqP1POi1MxNK8a7MjU2kd1(XcGObeqN)P2efWg9ai1MxNK8adKjU2kd1(06u4p18x5IYX4bwhtCTvgQ9P1PWFQ5VYf1LZdSCM4ARmu7tRtH)udR72dkGhEbmX1wzO2NwNc)Pgw3Thuap8ymX1wzO2pwaenGa68p18GcGb7IhEptCTvgQ9JfardiGo)tnOMHsRtrrQnVoj5HhgtCTvgQ9JfardiGo)tTjkGn6bqQnVoj5HxetCTvgQ9P1PWFQ5VYf1LZd)ftCTvgQ9P1PWFQH1D7bfWd)ntCTvgQ9P1PWFQH1D7bfWeHVQPcF)Ppyc2ftGQKrc2wAXqZdmM4ARmu7tRtH)uZFFdcMZdptCTvgQ9JfardiGo)tnpOayWU4bmM4ARmu7hlaIgqaD(NAqndLwNIIuBEDsYdrmX1wzO2pwaenGa68p1MOa2OhaP286KKhxmX1wzO2NwNc)PM)kxuxohmHeOPcTm0w0xuMqqc1miA0VamryqWpjeaALigAoyIWGGhQuKuYqZdmM4InnruGOOd8Q9P1Sn98(4Of)XdptCTvgQ9P1uuKLw4Of)PwxhmEaJjU2kd1(XMMikel4Qwgzw1qIBVmKzvJw4Of)L9hBAIOqSMIISQHe3EziZQgTWrl(tnyIebcYdrmXnffBMOARmk4GtTFIPvMPp183IY5XftCtrXMjQ2kJIQ2NwjMwzM(uZFlkNh3mX1wzO2)u4qKZ6HlEQb2HXdqM4ARmu7FkCiYz9Wfp1WYfK7V4rhtCTvgQ9pfoKfiYo5Pal8O0NAyDG35D8iNjU2kd1(NchcqlsbYo5Pal8O0NAyDG3xc4GjqLIsW2slgAEGXexBLHAFADk8NAy5cY9x8WZexBLHAFADk8NAyD3(UCEaJjU2kd1(06u4p1833GG58qetCTvgQ9JfardiGo)tnpOayWU4XftCTvgQ9JfardiGo)tnOMHsRtrrQnVoj5XntCTvgQ9JfardiGo)tTjkGn6bqQnVoj5bitCTvgQ9P1PWFQH1D7bfWJoM4ARmu7tRtH)uZFLlkhJdMiS1j5g8Co4GjKPOMqKqE4VUyscwAMfqiObkvmr0OVOCso4GzaUsage Information
    Place Defensives / Stuns / Cooldowns on a key bound with a modifier. Pressing any modifier key will stop the macro and allow you to use the modifier.

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.09.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Sequential

    Pre Macro: Shrapnel Bomb, Raptor Strike, Aspect of the Eagle, Serpent Sting, Coordinated Assault, Harpoon

    KeyPress: Freezing Trap, Misdirection, Tar Trap, Disengage, Harpoon, Growl, Call Pet 1

    Main Sequence: Kill Command, Shrapnel Bomb, Raptor Strike, Aspect of the Eagle, Serpent Sting, Coordinated Assault

    Post Macro: Kill Command, Shrapnel Bomb, Coordinated Assault

    Post count: 13

    Thanks, ill take it for a spin later today.

    Jimmy Boy Albrecht
    Stone Guard
    Post count: 419


    Are you using AHK, and if you are, what are you using in MS? 🙂


    Grant Schultz
    Senior Sergeant
    Post count: 65

    I use logitech software at 200ms, but I am playing from South Africa and my normal in game latency 190ms.

    So depending on your ping u will have to adjust, try starting at 150ms

    Blaine M Murphy
    Post count: 1

    Hey so I am confused on the firing rate… I have a local MS of 15 and a world MS of 15. Does that mean my AHK should be firing around 25ms?

    Grant Schultz
    Senior Sergeant
    Post count: 65

    no no, more like add 100ms to that, so like 115ms at the very fastest and then keep adding 25ms increments from there until its fluid and there are no lock ups. Fluid is more important that speed

    Larry Dumas
    Senior Sergeant
    Post count: 40

    it seems to get hung up sometimes and spams SSting

    Grant Schultz
    Senior Sergeant
    Post count: 65

    OP updated, getting nice sustain and opening burst if u start the macro at harpoon range. My Hunter is still not max lvl so some adjustments might be needed dependent on gear etc.
    I play every class every spec so not sure when I’ll get around to maxing the hunter, depends on how it’s performing really.

    Elzo van Vulpen
    Post count: 31

    is there a way to only use Wildfire Bomb ?

    Grant Schultz
    Senior Sergeant
    Post count: 65

    Ye, change the last talent and then in the macro change

    /cast [talent:7/2] Shrapnel Bomb
    /cast [talent:7/2] Pheromone Bomb
    /cast [talent:7/2] Volatile Bomb


    /cast [nomod] Wildfire Bomb

    Wherever u see the 3 lines just replace

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